The Government meets with the social partners in Piedmont

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

“This morning we had a long and fruitful meeting with a delegation of the representatives of Turin-based trade associations and social partners. We had an exchange of views on the economic and social situation at local level and among local communities, with a special focus on the Turin-Lyon TAV project. We listened to the petitions of all the participants and the reasons why they are in favour of going ahead with the project.

During the meeting, we recalled that a targeted and non-ideological technical cost-benefit analysis is now being conducted, at the end of which we will wrap up the question. However, we believe that it is crucial that the work to be implemented always meet the needs of the Country, at national and local level, and be carried out in compliance with high safety and environmentally friendly standards. We also agreed that the Ministry’s task force which is conducting the cost-benefit analysis will be expanded with a member that they will appoint so that he/she will participate in the meetings. The same thing will happen with a representative of the No-TAV movements, whom we will meet shortly. We also reaffirmed our commitment to act within an adequate but speedy timeframe. Transparency, listening, balance and a pragmatic approach are the key words that characterise our action, as it has been up to now and will continue to be for all the other national infrastructure works. This Government also wants to give a signal of our attention to the city of Turin and is ready to relaunch the economy and the production fabric of the whole territory, by investing in and supporting enterprises.”

The statement was contained in a joint press note by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Labour and Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, and the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, following the meeting held in Palazzo Chigi, which was also attended by the Deputy Minister Laura Castelli.

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