The Cabinet approves the "red code"

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

The Cabinet approved the “red code”, the bill proposed by the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede and the Minister of Public Administration Giulia Bongiorno which aims to provide a ‘fast track’ to better protect the victims of abuse, sexual violence, harassment and personal injury within families or cohabitations, assuring the timely adoption of precautionary or preventive measures.

Thanks to this bill, protective measures will be taken more swiftly, thus safeguarding the safety of the victims of abuse.

Some of the bill’s innovative approaches include the incorporation of Art. 347 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides for the obligation to communicate to the public prosecutor the notification of a crime also relative to the crime of abuse, sexual violence, harassment and aggravated injury committed within families or cohabitations. It also introduces the presumption of urgency for this type of offence, obliging the Criminal Investigation Department to inform the public prosecutor thereof “without delay”.

Lastly, it assures the victim the right to be heard within 3 days from the notification of the crime and provides for the obligation for officers of the Police, Carabinieri or prison police to be specifically trained to handle these cases.

This bill is part of a broader action plan to combat violence against women that the Government is promoting in conjunction with the Department of Equal Opportunities.

More specifically, an inter-ministerial Situation Room was created to assure an organic follow-up of the actions planned. Moreover, an ad hoc fund will be established for the victims of abuse and local Anti-violence Centres will be open to assure a rapid response. The Anti-violence Centres will also provide the first legal and psychological support and offer the possibility of accommodation for women suffering abuse in the phase between having decided to report the crime and when the Anti-violence Centres actually take charge of the case.

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