Prime Minister Conte on a visit to Foggia

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

27 Dicembre 2018

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, accompanied by the Minister for the South, Barbara Lezzi, and by the CEO of Invitalia, Domenico Arcuri, met with local provincial institutions in the Prefecture of Foggia. At the end of the meeting, he held a press point. Upon the impulse of the Prime Minister, a number of meetings have taken place between Invitalia and local players in the province of Foggia, which is hugely lacking in infrastructure and development projects. Local Institutions presented 78 construction proposals, 50% of which involve infrastructure projects and the remaining 50% economic and business development proposals. The main sectors of intervention are tourism, including religious tourism, promoting the area’s cultural heritage, modern agriculture and bridging the deep infrastructure divide.
A decree will be issued by the Prime Minister in January to establish the Institutional Contract to Develop the Capitanata District: a legislative provision that accelerates, multiplies and harmonises the demands of local communities with the supply of development options to be implemented by Invitalia, the Government’s Development Agency. Thus, in only two months, an area of the Country that has been grossly neglected in the past few years, will be provided with legislative, development and financial means to bridge the divide that has long separated it from the rest of the Region and of the Country. An equal treatment will shortly be reserved to other particularly needy areas of the Mezzogiorno (South of Italy), that have often been neglected up to now.

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