Prime Minister Conte in Calabria and Campania

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

23 Novembre 2018

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was in Calabria and Campania today for a day dedicated to the fight against organised crime and supporting legality. In the morning, the Prime Minister went to Reggio Calabria where he met with representatives of the local institutions and authorities at the Prefecture, to take stock of the actions put in place to combat the ‘ndrangheta. The Prime Minister then signed the “Register of Informed Citizenship”, established in December of last year that citizens can go to sign as testimony of their rejection of the mentality and interests of ‘ndrangheta-type criminal organizations and in favour of the social, economic and cultural development of the Region. The visit to Calabria continued in Locri and Isola di Capo Rizzuto, where he visited some activities that created job opportunities by making use of assets confiscated from organised crime, respectively at Ostello Locride, created around a building confiscated in 2005 and now managed by the Goel Cooperative Group, and the facility built on the farming estate entrusted to the Libera Terra Social Cooperative. In Locri, the Prime Minister paid a tribute to Francesco Fortugno, the Vice President of the Regional Council of Calabria killed on 16 October 2005, by stopping at his home which bears a commemorative plate, and where he met with journalists for a brief press point. In the afternoon, the Prime Minister travelled to Naples to visit the Nisida juvenile penitentiary and the “Annalisa Durante” non-profit Association established in 2005 upon the initiative of citizens and authorities committed to upholding legality and in response to the murder of 14-year-old Annalisa Durante perpetrated the previous year in Naples’s Forcella district during a shootout between members of rival bands. At the end, he held a press point. In the evening, Prime Minister Conte attended a public event at Palazzo Reale with three journalists threatened by organised crime: Sandro Ruotolo, Nello Trocchia and Salvatore Minieri, in order to receive an update on the investigations that they conducted and, more generally, to discuss with them about the media and organised crime.

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