Pernigotti: Conte-Di Maio, freezing the start of the reindustrialisation process

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

26 Novembre 2018

Following the meeting held at Palazzo Chigi between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, and the Turkish company that owns Pernigotti S.p.a., the company accepted the Italian Government’s request to suspend the procedure, albeit only temporarily, until 31 December 2018, so as to be able to work on the reindustrialisation of the Novi Liguri production site by appointing an independent third party to verify, analyse and evaluate the production options. The company intends to file for a redundancy procedure for the purpose of reindustrialisation in order to provide the employees with social buffers and enable the reindustrialisation of the production sites and the company’s production activities. The work carried out by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio testifies to the attention that the Government focuses on assuring the continuation of production and the welfare of the workers. In the next few months, the Cabinet will work on a legal provision to secure the future of historical Italian brands and their original Italian production sites: one step further in the promotion of Brand Italy.

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