EU Commission growth forecasts, press note by Prime Minister Conte

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

8 Novembre 2018

The European Commission’s growth forecasts for next year have underestimated the positive impact of our budget bill and of our structural reforms. We are going forward with our own estimates on our public finances, showing rising growth and falling debt and deficit. There are no grounds to question the validity and reasonableness of our forecasts. This is why we consider any other scenario for Italy’s public finances to be absolutely unlikely. The deficit will drop as we grow and this will enable us to decrease the debt-to-GDP ratio to 130% next year and all the way down to 126.7% in 2021. Italy is far from being a problem for Eurozone and European Union Countries and will actually contribute to the growth of the whole continent. The structural reforms that we are putting in place, which span from reforming job placement centres to simplifying the code for public tenders, to reforming the civil code and civil trials and our investment plan, will stimulate growth much further than the forecasts made by the EU Commission. On the basis of these evaluations, we see the developments in our dialogue with European Institutions with a positive outlook.

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