Conte meets with the representatives of the Forum of the Third Sector and of nonprofit organizations

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met with the representatives of the Forum of the Third Sector and nonprofit organizations at Palazzo Chigi.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte received a delegation of the Forum of the Third Sector at Palazzo Chigi this morning. The meeting was also attended by representatives of nonprofit organizations such as Emergency, Caritas Italiana, Comunità di Sant’Egidio and Cottolengo, which carry out major socially relevant initiatives in the country.

The meeting, which was attended also by the Undersecretary of Labour with delegated powers for the for the Third Sector, Claudio Durigon, was an important opportunity to have a frank discussion with the representatives of the sector about a social agenda for the main issues of the Country, in which the Third Sector is always in the forefront. Prime Minister Conte confirmed how fundamental the role played by the Third Sector was for this Government and said he would commit to recalibrate the IRES tax on company revenue, as amended in the latest Budget Law.

While waiting for the reform of the Third Sector Code to come into force, in the weeks ahead the Government is going to put in place a temporary easy-term tax system for Third sector activities, which is designed to not penalize organizations that carry out non-profit activities. A Third Sector Situation Room will be established in the near future in connection with a Single Register, that as the Prime Minister said, will also be set up as soon as possible.

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