Budget revision, meeting at Palazzo Chigi

Dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri:

26 Novembre 2018

“It is not a question of decimals; the Government’s goal is to relaunch growth and development. We have confirmed the objectives set, especially on pensions, on basic income and on protecting savings,” said Prime Minister Conte and Deputy Prime Ministers Di Maio and Salvini at the end of a meeting held in Palazzo Chigi. At this evening’s meeting, Prime Minister Conte reported the outcome of the Brussels meeting with top European Commission officials. Attendees evaluated the amendments to the budget bill proposed by Parliament and agreed on the ones that will be approved. As for the current dialogue with European institutions, they agreed to wait for the technical reports on the reform proposals with the greatest social impact in order to carefully quantify the relative expenditure. The amounts recovered are to be relocated, privileging investment spending, with a special focus on the expenditures necessary to prevent geohazards and mitigate hydrogeological instability.

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